Why is play important?

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Child’s play is a spontaneous behavior and typical of the childhood. When children play, they live this activity to the fullest. Playing is their peculiar way of knowing and learning, they learn to discover and experience and how to interact with people and objects.

The game has a therapeutic value. It helps to release tension and eliminate the retained energy. Through play, children can express their emotions. This is a great value for the proper emotional development of our kids, play helps them express their feelings. Besides spending a fun time, to create unforgettable memories in children the act of playing has the following benefits:

  • It allows kids to develop a cheerful attitude towards life.
  • Provides a gateway in and out of reality. Allows the kid be free to decide in fictitious situations without consequence
  • Help to make a test of reality, because it allows be another voluntarily or be yourself acting in a different way or in other circumstances
  • It helps to be active, make decisions, be involved and be motivated.
  • It facilitates the encounter with others and with the environment. It is one of the social events par excellence
  • It stimulates creativity and helps to discover their capabilities.
  • It develops intellectual activities. Reading to children from an early age can be beneficial for them. Also, using educational games, like Plobot, help with the learning process.

Shanghai Competitive Intelligence Forum 2015


We are happy to announce that our CEO, Rodolfo Cossovich (Rudi), participated as a speaker at the “Shanghai Competitive Intelligence Forum“, SCIF 2015, this past October 22 in Shanghai Library.

This is one of the most influential international events of its kind in China and Asia. “Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Maker & Competitive Intelligence” was the theme of this year, to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation in the region.

We are so proud that Plobot and Rudi were participants of this.

So, Let’s play!


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How to decrease your kids’ screen time

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Activities you do in front of a screen, like watching TV, being on the computer, using the cell phone and playing video games, are called “Screen time”. On average, American children spend almost 3 hours a day watching TV, together along with other activities, they go from 5-7 hours in front of the screen.

So long in front of a screen, can cause children sleep problems, anxiety, attention problems and obesity. Therefore, doctors and experts recommend no screen time for children under 2 years, and only 1 to 2 hours of screen time for children over 2 years old.

So we’ll give you these tips to reduce the hours of screen time of your children:

  • Set the example, spend quality time with your kids and promote their interest for outdoor activities. 
  • Have no TV areas in the house, starting by their bedrooms.
  • Do not let your children eat while on the computer or watching TV. There is time for everything.
  • Introduce them to other activities such as board games, books, sports or puzzles.
  • Let them play with Plobots and learn to program! Joke aside, there are many tools to awake their interest for science without a screen.